Training Sessions

Training sessions can take place in your own home or in the outside world or on walks.  I request that all members of the household attend the training sessions to ensure consistency in the training programme.  Alternatively, if this is not possible and the issue is context specific e.g. poor  recall or pulling on lead then anyone who walks or trains the dog (including dog walkers or friends/family members) need to attend the training sessions. 

Training sessions cover the following issues:

  • Recall

  • Chase behaviours (cars/cyclists/joggers etc.)

  • Pulling on lead

  • Lack of attention/focus

  • Jumping up/excitement with visitors

  • General manners and obedience

Fees: £40 per hour, discounts provided for block bookings*


Puppy Consultations


This can take place either prior to getting your first puppy or soon after your puppy comes home.

A puppy consultation prior to getting your puppy can provide with you the knowledge of how to prevent any behavioural issues developing such as separation problems, handling problems, food guarding etc.  It will provide you with an introduction to how dogs learn so you will have some tools in your tool box to address any problem behaviours and start to train simple foundation behaviours.

A puppy consultation as soon as possible after getting your puppy will provide you with some knowledge and advice about how to deal with issues such as house training, puppy mouthing and getting puppy used to being on their own.   This can be very useful prior to attending puppy classes once your puppy is fully vaccinated.

Socialisation involves exposure to a variety of positive experiences to help your puppy grow up to be a confident, well-rounded adult dog.  The socialisation period is a critical part of a dog’s development and is most important between 6-12 weeks of age.  Hopefully the breeder or the kennels where you obtained your puppy from will have started this process but it is crucial to continue positive socialisation with your puppy once you get them home, rather than wait until they are fully vaccinated and can attend classes.  Mandy can give advice on how to do this in a safe and positive way.

Puppy consultations are two hours and take place in your own home.

Fee: £75*


Puppy Programme

Ghillie vert pup.jpg

If you are new to dog ownership or even if you have had dogs before, getting a new puppy can be an exciting and also challenging time.  As adorable as they are they can be time-consuming and frustrating at times.  Every second we interact with our dogs we are teaching them about what works and what doesn’t work in their world.  Puppies are like little sponges, eager to learn and bond with their new owners, so we need to take advantage of this stage and teach them how we want them to behave from day one of them being in our home and also build a strong, trusting, secure relationship with them.   

Ensuring positive socialisation is also crucial in helping our puppies grow up into confident rounded adult dogs, a process that is essential between the ages of 6-12 weeks.  If the puppy is not exposed to a wide variety of positive experiences at this crucial stage of development there is a risk they could experience fearful or nervous behaviour later in life. Mandy can help advise you on devising an effective programme of socialisation and training to ensure your puppy grows up to be a confident, well behaved member of the family.

Working in rescue Mandy found that many of the strays or dogs handed in by owners were aged around 6- 18 months – the adolescent stage when many dogs’ behaviour becomes most challenging.  Sadly this is often a time when owners can’t cope with the dog’s behaviour any more or give up on them.   If your dog is not trained foundation behaviours from a puppy they could grow up to be challenging and difficult to manage as adults.  Starting training as soon as possible after you get your puppy will help to prevent this from happening.  Mandy can offer home visits so you do not need to wait for your puppy to complete their vaccinations before being able to take them to classes.  She can offer you advice and support with issues such as house training, leaving your puppy alone, socialisation, puppy mouthing and basic manners thus preparing them for puppy classes once they are ready.

The Puppy Programme consists of four sessions; the first session is 1 ½ hours followed by three subsequent one hour sessions and takes place in your home and later outside in the big wide world.  The Puppy Programme includes training handouts to support learning and covers the following:

•Introduction to how dogs learn and clicker training



•Puppy mouthing

•Loose lead walking

•Preventing separation problems


•Basic manners (incl. sit, down, leave and not jumping up)

Fee: £160*

*Within a 10 mile radius – Akira Dog Training is happy to quote for visits further afield.