Behavioural  issues are usually more complex than training issues and include problems such as aggression, separation-related behaviours, fearfulness and anxiety-related behaviours.  A home consultation is necessary to carry out a thorough assessment of your dog’s behaviour and their home environment and lifestyle and to devise a behaviour modification programme

Please be aware that due to the compexitiy of most behavioural issues a great deal of commitment is needed from owners to effect positive change in their dog's behaviour.  There are no 'quick fixes' for behaviour issues and in many cases, such as aggresson or anxiety, behaviour change can be slow and it is important to understand this before embarking on a programme. You are likely to require multiple sessions following the behaviour consultation to help you to implement the behaviour modification programme and for you to learn the necessary skills to help your dog.  In most cases this is more likely to take months rather than just a few weeks. If your dog is insured it is worth checking with your Insurance Company if they will cover the costs of any Behaviour work.  

The initial consultation will take between two and two and half hours. We request that all family members are present for the duration of the consultation as it is crucial that everyone is involved in the process and implements the strategies and training recommended in the behaviour modification programme.  This ensures consistency and will produce the most effective change for everyone.  

You will be provided with a full written report, detailing the assessment of your dog along with a comprehensive behaviour modification programme for you to follow.  The cost of the behaviour consultation includes the written report and free follow-up telephone advice for up to two months following the initial consultation.  Any further training sessions that may be required will be charged at £45 per hour*.  

Behavioural issues include:

  • Chewing/destructiveness

  • Inter-dog aggression in the home

  • House soiling (if caused by anxiety/stress)

  • Nervous and fearful behaviour

  • Aggression towards people/dogs/other pets

  • Fear of loud noises (e.g. thunder and fireworks)

  • Separation issues

  • Resource guarding (food/toys/people)

  • Obsessive/repetitive behaviours

  • Excessive barking

  • Car travel issues

Fee: £150*

Further sessions charged at £45 per hour, discounts provided for block bookings.

*Within a 10 mile radius – Akira Dog Training is happy to quote for visits further afield.