β€œTo say Mandy helped save our dog's life is not an understatement. Situation was a complex mix of a developed eye condition that needed to be treated twice a day for life coupled with long standing biting, guarding and challenging behaviours. In summary things got so bad and after discussion with the vets we had had to heartbreakingly book to have schnapps put down. The day before, we were given Mandy's number to see if anything could be done. Mandy was very honest with us in her assessment and said that due to such extreme behaviour and his age (10) outcome was not optimistic. However we gave it a try over the next few months with daily visits to the vets to muzzle and eye drop him and I think to evryones surprise we succeeded!!! My husband can now treat schnappers eyes with no muzzle needed, and in general his extreme behaviours are so reduced he is almost a different dog. Mandy helped us to understand we had a very anxious dog not an aggressive dog and helped my husband rebuild the trust that had gone with the desperate but traumatic attempts by us to treat his eyes. Mandy also taught us a lot about how dogs like to learn and how to keep both of ours calmer and more stimulated. Schnapps really is the happiest and relaxed he has ever been with his eyes as bright as buttons now!! We just didn't know where to start and Mandy gave us the tools and confidence to gain the trust back and more to get where we are today with him. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Mandy to anyone and can not thank her enough for helping us all!! 

Penny and Chris Rogerson owners of Schnapps and India

'We cannot thank Mandy enough for her wonderful enthusiasm and support with our rescue, border collie. Her dedication, knowledge and patience is a delight and her hard work is starting to pay off.' 

Hazel & Buddy

'Mandy is a fantastic behaviourist and her advice has helped me so much with my reactive dog. Her kind, caring attitude and force free methods combined with her broad knowledge of dog behaviour have meant we have come a long way!'. 

Sarah and Rowan

Mandy is an exceptional trainer. I'd highly recommend her. She's so patient and kind to me and my beautiful rescue who has quite a few issues. Together with Mandy's guidance I am understanding more about my girls needs, fears and anxieties and we are working well to build her confidence and build an all round better life for her which means my life will be better and happier too.' Thank you Mandy!' 

Sarah and Prea

'I seeked  help and advise from Mandy for my rescue dog Trixie with handling issues. Mandy gave us a clear and achievable training plan. Mandy is always there to give us on going support with Trixie and will check in with us to get updates. We have seen an amazing difference in Trixies behaviour and she has helped make life with her more managable. Mandy is so knowledgable and supportive, I always recommend her to people who need training or behavioural advise.  Mandy is the only behaviourist that I trust with my little Trixie.' 

Emily & Trixie

'I received excellent advice from Akira Training when we got our first dog (a rescue dog).  Mandy helped us prepare ourselves before her arrival- ensuring we and, more importantly, our son (with Asperger's Syndrome) were all as prepared as we could possibly be.  Mandy's advice and support were completely invaluable in the weeks after our Fizz's arrival and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.' 

Coby & Fizz

'Mandy is very calm and knowledgeable and has a great way with dogs as well as their humans! She has loads of skills and experience and I have seen her work wonders with worried pooches. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. 


Mandy was recommended by our vet after our dog bit one of our children.  I contacted Mandy ( in tears and late on a Friday).  She immediately put me at my ease, explaining she would visit as soon as possible to ascertain the problem.  Mandy didn't make false promises but assured me she would assess our dog and see if she was safe in our family.  

Over a further three sessions, Mandy worked with all of us to keep ourselves safe. Everything was overhauled - diet, exercise, training, play.  We were set homework and given skills training.  Mandy told us she was always at the end of the phone for troubleshooting.  And everything changed!  We saw the dog relax before our eyes and realised what we had been doing wrong. Mandy was so very thorough and efficient.  Not a moment was wasted - she worked hard with every member of the family until she was confident we knew how to manage our anxious, rescue dog. The child that was bitten had special needs and Mandy adjusted her teaching perfectly. 

I wanted to carry on meeting but Mandy said we had the skills to manage without her now.  The dog hasn't bitten since and we teach every person who enters our home the rules around  the dog.

The kids would have been devastated if we had got rid of the dog.  This was an amazing outcome for our family. 

Julie & Nova

We took on this terrier with mixed feelings but were from the start totally committed to giving this little ball of fluff the best life we could, especially as at five months old we were his third home after leaving the litter. So, as an adolescent rather than a puppy, and with only sketchy details of his breeding and history, we knew we were in for a challenge, and that although we had previously had other dogs, we knew we would need professional help. Thank goodness for Mandy - she has been invaluable with all the situations that have arisen, and still do, and has helped with individual and group sessions, at home and in other locations, and is always willing to help via a telephone call.

Be warned, though, that dog training requires a total level of commitment and as it is usually the owners and not the dogs that need training, Mandy rightly feels that it is only worth going into it wholeheartedly, because then the rewards are countless. Her commitment is usually greater than most of the owners and her level of expertise is incomparable.

Our ball of fluff is now 3 and a delight (mostly!) but we know that we have Mandy as support whenever the need arises. 

Claire & Monty